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July 21st, 2013

(no subject) @ 05:45 pm

I have attempted to log into my journal over the last year or so and have been unsuccessful due to a terrible memory (passwords!) and too many email address changes over the years!

But, I finally got in!

How things have changed over the years, but I can happily say I'm the most content I have been in many many years :)

I hope all my Lj friends are feeling the same. Have missed you all! xx

May 19th, 2006

I'm in London still... @ 03:54 pm

Current Location: London


Well, I'm now in London and trying to take it all in!

I've been to a couple of Nanny Agency interviews everyday since being here so have seen a bit of london just trying to find them.. hmm.. in the rain and wind, not such a nice way to be getting around on foot!! haha

Anyway, London is just beautiful.. I am feeling a little strange at the moment as I haven't even taken one photo.. I really don't know why. Not like in LA.. oh yeah.. please go check out my pics from my HollyWood experience!!


I was actually offered a nanny job in LA from one of the agencies yesterday.. am contemplating it!! All my friends here will kill me though.. as I only just arrived! haha

We'll see, have about a week to decide so in that time I am going to see what else is on offer!

Well, I better get to the tube station (kinda mastering it after being lost a few times!) if I'm going to meet the girls in time for some knock off drinks!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Hannah.. contact me!!!!!! We need to finally meet after all these years of me being your big sis!! xoxox

March 22nd, 2006

no time like the present... @ 08:06 am

Ok, so I haven't been here forever...


Big News...


AND... I'm stopping in LA for four days on my way over!!

Decided less than two weeks ago when I got back from partying in sydney for the mardi gra (time of my life!)... decided I needed to get out of here a year earlier... and explore....

Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery Excited... but veeeeeeeeeeeery scared! lol

October 12th, 2005

sweetest decline... @ 08:14 am

She weaves secrets in her hair
Her whispers are not hers to share
She's deep as a well
She's deep as a well

Another day wastes away
And my heart sinks with the sun
A new day's dawning
And a new day has not yet begun

So, anyway
There I was
Just sitting on your porch
Drinking in
The sweetest decline
The sweetest decline
Sober mind

What's the use in regrets?
They're just things we haven't done yet
What are regrets?
They're just lessons we haven't learned yet

Another day draws away
And my heart sinks with the sun
It's like catching snow on my tongue
It's like catching snow on my tongue

So, anyway
There I was
Just sitting on your porch
Drinking in
The sweetest decline
The sweetest decline
Sober mind

What are regrets?
What are regrets?
They're just lessons we haven't learned yet
It's like catching snow on your tongue
You can't pin this butterfly down
Can't pin this butterfly down

-Beth Orton

April 12th, 2005

Farewell Sheldon... @ 10:15 am

Well, I said goodbye to Sheldon not so long ago. The kids and I were looking after him at after school care and although he seemed to be having a great time, I decided it was only fair to let Sheldon experience the great outdoors. The children agreed and we set him free at the local pond that he was first found as a tadpole.

Was a very sad day for me, but I have had Sheldon for over three years now (hard to believe!) and I kept having dreams that he wanted to be set free, and it seemed the right thing to do given that he may not live a whole lot longer.

He jumped away very happily.. I'm sure he is having a fantastic time with all the other little froggies...

I had this pic taken with him on our last day together...

a few pics taken of Sheldon over the years....Collapse )

January 13th, 2005

(no subject) @ 11:46 am

Current Mood: happy happy


Just wanted to say a very quick hello. Seems I only get a chance to update this thing when I am running my holiday program with the kids!! So it's that time of the year again.. 40 children and lots of fun activities.. not forgetting the 10 hour days and much stress haha! It's all good.. but this may very well be my last program as I am heading in other directions with my career.. not sure exactly where yet.. but it's going to happen very soon!!

Anyway, I have to be quick, because I am taking up valuable internet time that the kids could be using! hehe

I haven't been my old journal self.. I know, things are shifting for me I guess and I have got out of routine in the last few months. But just wanted to say hello to all my wonderful friends.. I think about you all the time and hope everyone is having a fantastic new year!!


September 14th, 2004

(no subject) @ 10:21 am

again.. it's been too long!

Apart from it being the busiest time of the year again for me.. my puter has basically died in the ass and I've been too busy and broke to fix it!

Will get on top of it all soon hopefully!

It's school holidays again and I am running my usual Holiday program with the kiddos. Today we are at Youth Arc hanging out playing basketball, 8-ball, Air hockey, play station and surfing the net.

Which of course means I have a chance to come on quickly and say hey to everyone!! Been missing you all heaps and can't wait to have my puter in working order again.

July 22nd, 2004

my little man.. @ 09:31 am

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold

I am getting this photo I took of my nephew, Jack blown up and framed for my sister. Is it just me.. or is this a really good shot?! haha

This little man just doesn't stop.. can't believe this is the same baby that weighed just 1400 grams! He's so big now, and cheeky as ever. We will be celebrating Jack's 2nd Birthday in less than two months!

June 7th, 2004

(no subject) @ 11:43 am

I think this is the first time ever that I have updated my journal at work!

Am at a place called "Youth Arc" with the kids (only 42 of them!).. we have been keeping busy playing 8-ball, Air Hockey, Basketball, playstation 2 and surfing the net looking for all the new pokemon sites *sigh* haha

We are leaving youth arc soon to go to a boat park and have a bbq. I'm sure it'll be lots of fun... however it is soooo cold today, I just can't seem to warm up! Will have to play a game of cricket I think!

Did I tell you that I am going to Melbourne in less than 3 weeks?? Can't wait!!
Also, Cynthia (my flatmate) told me yesterday that she bought me a ticket to see "The John Butler Trio" in concert the night before I go to Melbourne! I'm so excited, we hardly get any cool concerts in Tas, and I really wanted to go but decided not to because of all the money I need for Melbourne. What a sweet thing for Cynthia to do.. she rocks! :)

Hope everyone's having a great day/afternoon/night!!


June 5th, 2004

(no subject) @ 01:56 pm

I think it's been about a week since I've updated.. slack!

Have been so busy this week though. I'm running vacation care program for two weeks and it has been so full on! Yesterday I worked an 11 hour day without a break due to a few dramas!! But am having much fun working with Dave all day everyday and taking the kiddos to fun places (yup, we get paid to have fun!).

One week to go then I'll be back to my normal hours and hopefully have a little more time! I've been leaving the house every morning at 5:45am to get a gym session in, then start work at 7:45 and work through till about 5:30 every night. So I pretty much just come home and crash in my bed until the next morning!!

It's been a good week... it's nice to have a change of routine every now and then.. keeps me on my toes! And Dave is up to his usual tricks and is keeping me constantly amused!

A reminder of the joker...... and the "tricks" we get up to...