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littlegreenfrog's Journal

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26 June 1978
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My smile...

Her expression: the way I feel every other day at the moment.

Note: This profile is temporary... her face just says it all for now.
80's movies, absolutely fabulous, alternative music, angela's ashes, angelina jolie, angels, animals, antici...pation, art, australia, beach, ben harper, black and white photography, blues, body piercing, books, cabernet sauvignon, cadbury's chocolate, can't buy me love, candles, chasing amy, chatting, childcare, chocolate, christian slater, clubs, columbia, computers, cosi, cows, coyote ugly, dancing, drawing, dreaming, drew barrimore, dvd's, edina, ethan hawke, ewan, fairies, family, foreign films, fried green tomatoes, friends, frogs, grease, gym, happy together, heart and souls, heath ledger, hugs, ice cream, italy, jamie gertz, janet jackson, jazz, jeff buckley, jewel, jiggypiggy, john cusack, john marsden, journal, kate winslet, ken follett, kevin smith, kids, killing heidi, kissing, laughing, live journal, live music, looking for alibrandi, love, maeve binchy, meg ryan, moulin rouge, movies, mp3s, muriels wedding, music, nature, new zealand, nike, orange juice, painting, pasta, patrick dempsey, patsy, people, photography, piercings, pizza, poetry, powderfinger, purple, r&b, rachel griffiths, rage, reading, reality bites, robert downey jnr, rocky horror picture show, romeo & juliet, romeo and juliet, sandra bullock, saxophone, say anything, shopping, singing, sketching, skiing, sleep, soundtracks, spirituality, talking, tasmania, the doors, the green mile, the internet, the outsiders, the sure thing, thinking, titanic, toni collette, travel, turtles, untamed heart, vegemite, will & grace, winter, women, wynona rider

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